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Fundraising Tips, Tools & Ideas

PRO TIP: Donate to yourself first. It will encourage others to give.

 • All funds raised for the Lobo Cancer Challenge must be submitted by midnight, Monday, September 25, 2023.
 • Only funds raised through midnight, Monday, September 25, 2023, will count towards earning an incentive: the jersey or jacket for raising $1000, or select official gear for raising $250.
 • Only the funds raised by noon on Tuesday, September 19, 2023 are counted towards recognition as a Top Fundraising Team or Individual at the Kickoff Celebration held prior to the Challenge event day.

Fundraising Page Guide

Your Personal Page can be Your Best Tool for Fundraising.

Your registration in the Lobo Cancer Challenge includes your own online Participant Center where you can:

  • Set up your customizable Fundraising Page.
  • Accept donations online by inviting visitors to your page, where the “Support Me” button is prominent.
  • Share the page on social media with the “Share This Page” icons at the bottom of the page.
  • Email the link to your page to reach your contacts. Include a link to the page in your email signature and it will be a part of every email you send out!
  • Check your fundraising progress and see a list of your donors and their gift amounts.

First, set up your Page:

This can be done in just a few minutes!

  • Upon registration, customize your Fundraising Page OR upon a return visit:
  • Log In using the "Account Login" link at the top of website, which will take you to your “Dashboard.”
    • You may use the “Your Page” link in the top navigation to view  your Fundraising Page.
  • You may edit the features while viewing your Page.
    • You may edit or add to the default text, change your account photo and even customize the banner on your Page.
    • You may share milestones towards your Fundraising Goal or offer incentives. Have fun with your donors!
  • Tell your story. Everyone has been affected by cancer and you can share why challenging cancer is important to you.
    • Is there something you want to say about the fund that you chose?
  • Upload a photo or two. Share a photo that adds to the meaning of your page for you... your team, yourself, the people in your story.
  • Set up your own custom URL! Click on “URL Settings” at the top of your Personal Page editor. Enter up to 20 letters.
    • You can have a URL that is easy to find — — and easy to share on the web, in print, or in conversation.
  • Don’t forget to save your changes when your edits are complete.

Then, share your Page — its impact may surprise you.

Your page can tell your story for you over and over: online, with new contacts, colleagues, old friends and loved ones.

  • Your Page makes it easy for site visitors to make donations to you online. There is a prominent “Support Me” button on your page.
  • Sharing your page on social media provides an effective way to reach more people with your story. Clicking through to your page provides a way for someone who sees your post to take action.
    • Use the convenient Social Media icons in the footer of your page that will link directly back to your Personal Page from the post.
Dashboard image

Your Dashboard offers fundraising resources.

  • From your Dashboard, you may import contacts and send emails to prospects. Contacts may be saved and managed here. Sample text is provided to simplify composing your email messages. Or, you may opt to use your own email account or set up a dedicated gmail or other account for your solicitation and thank you emails.
  • Check out the Download Resources link on the lower right, where  you will find a graphic for your email signature, a Zoom background and a flyer PDF. There is also a Resources link in the top navigation

Use your Personal Page to boost your other fundraising efforts.

Referring to your page can make it easier to get your message across, and it's an effective tool to share with people who want to support you.

How To Ask For Donations

It’s easier than you think, and after a while you are on a roll!

MENTION it to everyone you meet, talk to, text, email, chat, or have contact with in some way. Donations do not always come from where you expect them. Some people may say no but there are plenty who will say yes — so keep including your participation in the Lobo Cancer Challenge in your conversations!

  • Add a signature to your email with a link to your Personal Page. Set up a custom URL for your Personal Page to make it easy to write the URL in your signature.
    • Customize your Personal Page with your story for a simple way to make your purpose known to many people.

TELL your own story. Tell people why you are participating and why challenging cancer is important to you. The more personal your story, the more others can relate. Cancer has affected everyone in some way.

REMIND your supporters that 100 percent of their donation will go directly to help cancer patients and research. And, tell them the fund you’ve chosen to support and why.

SHARE stories, encouragement and updates. Send your supporters emails, letters or an invitation to an online group. If you’re on a team, share this fundraising tip with your teammates and encourage them to do the same.

EXPRESS your gratitude — often! Thank your supporters often. Update them on your progress. Show them that their donation is making an impact on your campaign. And then thank them again.

FOLLOW UP with those to whom you’ve reached out but haven’t heard from. Many people are happy to give but just need a reminder.

WEAR your team gear. If you’re on a team, create something unique for your team to wear often. It can be a conversation starter to let others know the Challenge you have ahead of you. It’s also a great place to list your supporters as a way to thank them! Some ideas for team gear: t-shirts, buttons, and stickers.

How to Raise $250 in 4 Days

How to Raise $250 in 4 Days:

Day 1: Donate $25 to yourself.

Day 2: Ask four relatives (parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins) to donate $25 each.

Day 3: Ask three friends to donate $25 each.

Day 4: Ask two neighbors or colleagues to donate $25 each.

How to Raise $500 in 4 Days:

How to Raise $500 in 4 Days

Day 1: Donate $50 to yourself.

Day 2: Ask four relatives (parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins) to donate $50 each.

Day 3: Ask three friends to donate $50 each.

Day 4: Ask two neighbors or colleagues to donate $50 each.

75 Fundraising — and Fun! — Ideas

75 Big Ideas to jump start some FUNdraising:

  1. 4th of July Benefit (ask your friends to make a donation in the spirit of the occasion)
  2. 50/50 Raffle
  3. Alumni Organizations/Sorority & Fraternity (call your own college or university and ask to place an ad in the alumni letter)
  4. Announcements (if you are a part of a club or group, ask to make an announcement at the next meeting, or as part of the next church or business meeting announcements)
  5. Bake Sale
  6. Birthday or Holiday Pledge (in lieu of gifts, ask for a donation)
  7. Bonfire Night Party
  8. Bowling Night/Tournament
  9. Brewery (ask a local brewery to donate $1 per specific beer (name the beer) for a week, month)
  10. Car Wash
  11. Charity Flyers (ask to hang them at restaurants, gyms, places you frequent)
  12. Chile Cook-Off
  13. Clubs/Organizations (ask any club or organization you are a part of if you can send an ask letter to other members)
  14. Coffee (give up coffee for a month and enter those funds on your fundraising page)
  15. Colorful Sponsor Letter (mailed to family, friends and co-workers)
  16. Company Grants
  17. Concert (if you have any friends or family who are musicians, ask them to host a benefit concert)
  18. Corporate Matching Gift (several companies match their employees monetary donations)
  19. Corporate Sponsorship
  20. Creative Friends (ask a friend to donate jewelry or a piece of art to a raffle)
  21. Delegate (give 10 friends pledge cards and ask them to help raise money)
  22. Designated Driver for a Night (drive your friends around for the evening and ask that they make a donation to your fundraising efforts)
  23. Derby Party
  24. Dress Down Day (ask your work to host a dress down day and the employees pledge $10 or $20 toward the event)
  25. eBay (gather your own goods along with friends and family and sell them on eBay)
  26. Extra Change in My Pocket Box
  27. Florist (ask a local florist to donate a portion of holiday sales)
  28. Fundraising Booth (set up a booth at a local event and ask for donations)
  29. Fundraising Page
  30. Freelance Project (take on a project and donate the proceeds you earn)
  31. Game Night
  32. Garage Sale
  33. Get Social (customize your individual or team fundraising page and share it on social media)
  34. Give a car
  35. Golf Tournament
  36. Green Chile Cheese Burger Cook-Off
  37. Happy Hour Party
  38. Host a BBQ
  39. Host a Movie Party at your House
  40. Host a Poker Game
  41. House/Dinner Party (possibly themed)
  42. Karaoke Night
  43. Kick-ball Tournament
  44. Local paper (write a letter to the local paper or write an article and submit it)
  45. Lunch Money (pack your lunch for a month, save the money and donate it to your fundraiser)
  46. Mail a personal letter asking to donate to your fundraising page
  47. Mow-A-Thon
  48. Neighborhood Chores
  49. New Year’s Resolution to make a donation (share with family and friends)
  50. Newsletter (if your company/social group/church distributes a newsletter, ask to be included)
  51. Personal Asks (mention your participation in the Lobo Cancer Challenge to anyone you come in contact with. It starts a conversation that leads naturally to an ask, and sometimes people offer)
  52. Pet Sit
  53. Phone Calls (pick up the phone and just start making calls)
  54. Picnic
  55. Pledge Jar (ask your salon, gym, doctor, dentist etc. to place a pledge jar at their front desk)
  56. Pledges for each mile
  57. Raffle (movie tickets, restaurants etc.)
  58. Religious Organization Bulletin
  59. Restaurant Fundraiser (several local restaurants participate)
  60. Sell Wristbands
  61. Shave your Head Donations
  62. Signing Correspondence (add a signature line to your emails)
  63. Sip and Paint Class
  64. Silent Auction
  65. Spinning Class (ask your spin instructor to hand out pledge forms or make an announcement during class)
  66. Tail Gate Party
  67. Team T-shirt/Hat Sales
  68. Tennis Tournament
  69. Text friends and family
  70. Training Bike (ask a local grocery store or other business if they will allow you to set up your training bike outside for a few hours. Hang a poster or sign and have a donation jar)
  71. Used Book Sale
  72. Voice Mail Message (on your own personal voicemail, state that you are raising money for the Lobo Cancer Challenge and you would be honored if they would be willing to make a donation)
  73. Volleyball Tournament
  74. Wedding (in lieu of gifts, ask that your guests make a donation to your fundraising efforts)
  75. Yoga (ask a business or teacher to donate a portion to your campaign)


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