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Creating a team is easy and fun. A team can have 2 people or 200!

  • You may start a team yourself or choose a Captain from among your group. Communication and motivational skills are an asset in the Captain’s role.

A successful Team Captain will:

  • Encourage team members to raise money for advanced research or patient care and support at the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center.
  • Invite team members to take the lead as coordinators of fundraising and training activities.
  • Make participation in the Lobo Cancer Challenge a unique and fun experience for the entire team!
  • Update the team’s webpage to tell the team’s story and upload a team photo.

How to start a Team:

  • A CAPTAIN USUALLY REGISTERS FIRST, and selects “Create a Team” as their Role.
  • ANYONE WHO IS ALREADY REGISTERED MAY ALSO “Create a Team” from the “Change Membership Status” link on the right sidebar on the Dashboard of their Fundraising Page.
  • When the Team Captain completes registration, or Creates a Team from their Dashboard, the team is begun! It’s that simple. Now invite others to join the team!
  • PRO TIP: A group might decide on a team name together before the Team Captain begins registration.
  • A Team Captain can edit the Team Page to set the Team’s Fundraising Goal, send emails to team members, and more.

Participants may join a team when They register OR AFTER.

  • You may start your registration from a Team Page by selecting “Join Our Team” on the Team Page.
  • Or, select “Join a Team” as your Role when you Register.
    Enter the Team Name in the field that says “Find a Team to join” and select “Search.”
  • Upon registration, you’re part of the team!
  • Anyone who is already registered may select “Join a Team” from the “Change Membership Status” link on the right sidebar on the Dashboard of their Fundraising Page.

VISIT THE FAQ PAGE for more detailed instructions on creating or joining a team.

Team Fun

While many teams enjoy training together and riding, running or walking together on the day of the Lobo Cancer Challenge, this is not a requirement. Team members may actually choose different routes or creative commitments. Team members pull together in spirit!

Many teams choose to design custom jerseys, T-shirts, hats or stickers, or carry a banner as a fun way to show their unity.


When they register, each team member pledges to raise their own individual commitment.

However, team members can work together on fundraising activities and have fun at the same time!

Team members can help each other towards their individual goals by passing along fundraising ideas, participating in fundraising activities together, and reaching out to support and encourage each other in their efforts.

  • All members of the team are eligible for a participant incentive for their individual fundraising achievements.
  • In addition, the Top Three Fundraising Teams and Top Three Fundraising Individuals will be recognized during Lobo Cancer Challenge weekend (on September 24 or 25), and will be featured on the Leaderboard on our website.

Advantages of Being on a Team

  • Teams are a great way to meet other people with a passion for fighting cancer.
  • Team members can train together, even if you don’t take the same route.
  • Teams can hold joint events to raise money and have fun together.
  • Teams can learn fundraising tips and strategies from each other.
  • Team members can support each other.


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