Connecting the Lobo Cancer Challenge community

All of our Ambassadors have demonstrated commitment and leadership in bringing their friends, family and community together in the fight against cancer. They have a passion for helping others. Now, as a Lobo Cancer Challenge Ambassador, they can take their support for fellow New Mexicans in their cancer journey to another level; building relationships on behalf of the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center, providing encouragement, and educating others on the importance of cancer research.

Lobo Cancer Challenge Ambassador Connor Adams

Connor Adams

Connor is an enthusiastic supporter of the Lobo Cancer Challenge, riding 25 miles in 2017 and 2018, and among the top individual fundraisers for both years. Connor is Director of Development for the UNM Foundation, one of the key partners for the Challenge. He is a leader in the community, recently recognized as one of the “Top 40 under Forty” by Albuquerque Business First.

So that one day those who can’t, can:

“Being able to ride for those who cannot is truly an honor and a privilege, but what is more rewarding is being able to raise funds to support Cancer Research so that one day those who can’t, can. The Lobo Cancer Challenge is an incredible opportunity to make a difference in our local and statewide community.

“I appreciate the opportunity each year to participate and do what I can to make a larger difference!”

Lobo Cancer Challenge Ambassador Marilee Petranovich

Marilee Petranovich

In 2018, Marilee brought her family from Gallup to ride 25 miles as “Team Petranovich.” After their ride, she accepted the “Go Lobos!” Award in recognition of all of her outreach in Gallup and on UNM main campus. She appeared in articles for the Gallup Independent and the Albuquerque Journal. Marilee helps people connect with the spirit and meaning of the Lobo Cancer Challenge!

Riding for Hope:

“The reason I ride for the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center can be summed up simply in one word - HOPE. Through extensive clinical trials based in cutting edge research aimed at discovering treatments and cures, the UNM Cancer Center provides hope. Through a strong educational mission, a new generation of hope for the future of cancer treatment and advancements is insured.

“Through a commitment to gold standard care from the top clinicians in the country, all New Mexicans are assured that all possibilities will be considered, the vision will look forward and hope can abound even in what may appear to be the darkest of times.

“That’s why I ride. Won’t you ride with us?”

Visit Marilee’s Page.

Lobo Cancer Challenge Ambassador Maggie Smith

Maggie Smith

As captain of the SolAero Tech Team the past two years, Maggie led her team of 25 SolAero Tech employees to be recognized as the Top Fundraising Team in 2017. They continued their support in the 2018 Challenge and SolAero Technologies has signed on to be the Spirit Sponsor for this year’s Challenge.

Maggie started the SolAero Tech Team in 2017 because SolAero had lost two long-time employees to cancer within a day of each other that August. The team continues to ride in honor of Mark & Keith each year!

Maggie has lived in Albuquerque since 1993, after moving here from her home state of Oklahoma to become a Lobo, playing for the UNM Women’s Basketball Team. She built a career in non-profit fundraising, event planning and marketing and has taken that experience with her to SolAero, where she has worked as the Corporate Marketing Communications Manager for close to 8 years.

The Spirit of the Challenge:

“SolAero Technologies is a great company to work for and I’m so proud of our support of the Lobo Cancer Challenge. We look forward to increasing our presence through our Spirit Sponsorship and continuing our fundraising efforts in hopes of being a Top Team again in 2019!”

Lobo Cancer Challenge Ambassador Mike Westphal

Mike Westphal

Together with his son David, Mike covered 100 miles in both 2017 and 2018 for the Lobo Cancer Challenge. That’s 200 miles to fight cancer so far! He signed up for another 100 miles this year! Mike holds up the Jersey he earned in 2017 for raising more than $1,000. He says he found it easy to talk about participating in the Lobo Cancer Challenge, and once he did, people wanted to help!

Hundreds of miles of momentum:

“Everyone involved with Lobo Cancer Challenge is incredible. We come together as a community, passionate about fighting cancer. I hope you join me in the Lobo Cancer Challenge, either by participating, volunteering, or donating. This is my third year, and I will again be bicycling the 100 mile route. My son, David joined me last year, and we are excited to be joined by our friend Corey Foster, who is traveling from Portland, Oregon to participate with us. This year, we joined the Heme Team — we've ridden together previous years, and they are a great bunch.”

Visit Mike’s Page.

Lobo Cancer Challenge Ambassador Mueez Rehman

Honorary Ambassador and Student Liaison

Mueez Rehman

Mueez invited the Lobo Cancer Challenge committee to be a part of the recent UNM Health Professions Symposium for UNM undergraduates pursuing careers in medicine. This was our first opportunity to reach out to this group! The Symposium is a project of the Pre-Health Professions Student Development Office. Mueez is enthusiastic about advocating for our worthy cause to other students in health professions at UNM.

So many people come together:

“The Lobo Cancer Challenge was an event that really blew me away the first time I experienced it. So many people around the world have been touched by cancer, either directly or through someone they know. Seeing so many people come together that day to help people who were fighting the biggest challenge of their lives was amazing. People, young and old lending their support and raising money, so that the patients can focus more on fighting cancer and a little less on the expensive aspects of treatment. After seeing all of this, I knew I had to help out in any way possible!”

‘The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.’
      — Albert Schweitzer

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