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2023 Lobo Cancer Challenge Volunteer

Step 1 — Select Shift(s)

You must be 18 years or older to volunteer for the Lobo Cancer Challenge. Those under 18 years of age (14-17) may accompany an adult guardian, and must remain with them. You may add information for minor volunteer(s) along with your registration for yourself today.

Please be aware that some shifts overlap and you will not be able to be present in two locations at once.

(To view the number of shifts available, refer to the chart on the previous page: Shift Availability List.)

For more information, you may contact us at [email protected].

  Type “1” Price Each Shift
$0.00 Fri. 9am-1pm, Rest Stops: Rest Stop Assistant (Load Lot)
$0.00 Fri. 12-4pm, Rest Stops: Rest Stop Assistant (Load Lot)
$0.00 Fri. 12-4pm, Registration: Venue Setup (Venue)
$0.00 Fri. 3-7pm, Registration: Greeters (Venue)
$0.00 Fri. 3-7pm, Registration: Waivers (Venue)
$0.00 Fri. 3-7pm, Registration: Registration (Venue)
$0.00 Fri. 3-7pm, Registration: Runners (Venue)
$0.00 Fri. Miscellaneous
$0.00 Sat. 5-8am, Rest Stops: Rest Stop Assistant (Load Lot)
$0.00 Sat. 5:30-9:30am, Registration: Greeters (Venue)
$0.00 Sat. 5:30-9:30am, Registration: Waivers (Venue)
$0.00 Sat. 5:30-9:30am, Registration: Registration (Venue)
$0.00 Sat. 5:30-9:30am, Registration: Runners (Venue)
$0.00 Sat. 6-10am, Hospitality: Hydration Team (Venue)
$0.00 Sat. 6-10am, Venue: Staging (Venue)
$0.00 Sat. 8-9am, Venue: Stair Challenge X 4 Water Stations (Venue)
$0.00 Sat. 9-11am, Venue: Orbit Liaison (Venue)
$0.00 Sat. 9:30am-2pm, Venue: Bike Valet/Bag Check (Venue)
$0.00 Sat. 10am-2:30pm, Venue: Stair Challenge X 4 Water Stations (Venue)
$0.00 Sat. 10am-2:30pm, Venue: Info Booth (Venue)
$0.00 Sat. 10am-2:30pm, Venue: KidsZone [FunZone] (Venue)
$0.00 Sat. 10am-2:30pm, Venue: Finish Line (Venue)
$0.00 Sat. 2-5pm, Venue: Venue Tear Down (Venue)
$0.00 Sat. Miscellaneous
Additional Questions
Please confirm that you are 18 years of age or older.*
Add information for a minor volunteer?
Add information for another minor volunteer?
Add information for another minor volunteer?

Waiver to Participate as a Volunteer

I (“Volunteer”) voluntarily have agreed to participate in the Lobo Cancer Challenge (“Activity”) in Albuquerque, NM on September 22 and/or 23, 2023.

I understand that participation in the Activity may contain danger and/or risk of injury to myself as a Volunteer (or to my Minor Volunteer(s), if applicable).  I further understand that other volunteers and participants may pose a danger to me.  Nevertheless, I voluntarily accept all risks in connections with participation in the Activity. I further acknowledge and understand that I will be responsible for any and all medical and related bills that may be incurred for any illness or injury that I may sustain during my participation in this Activity.

I understand that it is my sole responsibility to follow all of the safety precautions, rules, regulations, and policies set forth by the location I will be at, and as a Volunteer in the Activity, I, including my spouse/partner (if applicable) or Minor Volunteer(s) (if applicable), heirs, estate, executor, or personal or legal representatives,  hereby release, hold harmless and forever discharge: 1) all Activity coordinators and donors; and 2) the University of New Mexico (“UNM”), the Regents of the University of New Mexico, the affiliates of UNM (including but not limited to: UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center, UNM Foundation), and its directors, officers, representatives, members, agents, employees, participants, volunteers, students, their respective affiliates from any and all liability for negligence or for any other claim, judgment, loss, liability, cost and expenses (including, without limitations, attorney’s fees and costs) arising out of, or connected with, the Activity.

Selecting the checkbox "I Agree to the Terms and Conditions" is your signature accepting this waiver.


I, the registering Volunteer, state that I am the parent or legal guardian of the Minor Volunteer(s), who is a/are minor(s).  I understand that the above terms and conditions apply to said Minor Volunteer(s) and myself.  I further understand that said Minor Volunteer(s) cannot participate under ANY circumstances without parental/guardian consent.  This document is binding upon me, the said Minor Volunteer(s), and any person suing on behalf of said Minor Volunteer(s).

Selecting the checkbox "I Agree to the Terms and Conditions" is your signature accepting this waiver on behalf of the Minor Volunteer(s).


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