Lobo Cancer Challenge 2019

Polly's Run

Polly's Run has created a team to raise funds to reach our 2019 goal of $100,000! We raised $80,000 at Polly's Run this year, so please join us to help us raise this last little bit so we can hit our goal!  We've already raised $2,800 for this event and we are inching closer! 

Join us in any event and help us raise money to fight pancreatic cancer!  You can participate in the 5K run/walk, or bike with us for the 25, 50 or 100 miles! 

Josh Rogers, Polly's son and race director is doing the 100 mile cycling race!

RuthAnn Tibbetts is raising funds for The Pollys Rogers pancreatic cancer endowment and has hit $2,800 already! - http://www.lobocancerchallenge.org/site/TR/Events/LoboChallenge?px=1005324&pg=personal&fr_id=1080


We joined the Lobo Cancer Challenge to fight cancer together. We're committed to raising funds to help people facing cancer in our community. Every dollar we raise  100% — goes to cancer research and cancer patient care at: 

Thanks for pitching in!

Lobo Cancer Challenge
September 14, 2019
Dreamstyle Stadium
25-, 50- or 100-Mile Bike Rides
5K Run/Walk
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Learn more about the outstanding care for New Mexico cancer patients at the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center.

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