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Heme Team

Hematologic malignancies such as leukemia, myeloma and lymphomas, can be some of the most rapidly growing and aggressive malignancies.  Still, most patients with hematoligic malignancies are treatable, and many have been cured with modern immune-therapies, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and stem cell transplantation.  

These therapies can be intense and difficult to manage for patients who are need of resources such as local housing and transportation. The Heme Team is riding to help support of Heme Tumor patients, and to help bring cutting edge medical and cellular therapy to New Mexico. 

Thanks for your support,

Matthew Fero

Heme Team 

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We’re fighting cancer in our community by joining together to ride in the Lobo Cancer Challenge on September 23. We’ve committed to raising funds each to support cancer research and to help people facing cancer in our community. Please help us by contributing what you can.

Every amount you donate helps and it stays right here, to help people right here, in our community. Every dollar you donate to our ride — 100 percent of it! — goes to cancer research and cancer patient care.

Did you know that …

  • The University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center is the only cancer center in our state with designation from the National Cancer Institute? Of the 1,500 cancer centers in the country, it is one of only 47 that is designated as Comprehensive.
  • The UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center conducts research particularly focused on those cancers that affect New Mexicans most? Its scientists translate some of these discoveries into new treatments each year through clinical trials. 
  • The UNM Cancer Center’s clinical trials make the latest and most advanced treatments available to everyone in New Mexico? The UNM Cancer Center is a founding partner in the New Mexico Cancer Care Alliance.
  • The UNM Cancer Center has more than 125 board-certified oncology (cancer) specialty doctors? Their team includes cancer surgeons in every specialty, adult and pediatric hematologists/medical oncologists, gynecologic oncologists, and radiation oncologists.
  • Every patient at the UNM Cancer Center gets a personalized treatment plan that their team of doctors creates just for them? That plan takes the patient’s wishes and situation into account and gives them the best chance to overcome their cancer.
  • The UNM Cancer Center offers many, many different programs to help each person facing cancer and the people who love and support them? Cancer affects every part of life and everyone could use help when faced with fighting it.

That’s why we chose to ride in the Lobo Cancer Challenge. Thanks for helping us to fight cancer!

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