Tools for Teams & Captains

Team Development Guidelines

Creating a team is easy and fun. A team can have 2 people or 200!

  • You may start a team yourself or choose a captain from among your group. Communication and motivational skills are an asset in the captain’s role.
  • A Team Captain starts the team when they register for the Lobo Cancer Challenge.
  • PRO TIP: Choose the team name before the Team Captain begins registration! It's the first step in starting a team.
  • The Team Captain enters the Team Name and Fundraising Goal, and clicks “Next Step.”
    • This takes the Captain into their own individual registration process, where they choose their route.
  • When the Captain completes registration, the team is begun! Now invite others to join the team!

It’s as simple as choosing the “Bring a Team Back” option when the Team Captain registers this year.

  • Anyone who has registered for the Challenge in previous years who is registering for this year’s Challenge will automatically be prompted to enter their user name and password. Returning users log in first when they register.

    • Follow the prompts in the registration process.
    • If you forgot your user name or password, the system will send you assistance by email.
  • You must complete registration for this year to be entered into this year’s Lobo Cancer Challenge.
  • When last year’s Team Captain logs in and completes their registration, they will automatically be associated with last year’s Team, and the Team will be reactivated for others to join.

  • You may join a team when you register.

    • On the registration page, select “Join a Current Team” to begin your registration.
    • Enter your Team Name in the field and select “Search for a Team.”
    • Click “Join” beside your team’s name in the search results.
    • This takes you into your own registration, where you may choose your route.
    • Upon registration, you’re part of the team!
  • If you have already registered, you may use your Participant Center to join a team.

    • Login to the website using the “LOGIN” link found in the top red navigation. (You may still be logged in if you selected this option during registration.) While logged into the site:
    • Use the “Go To My Page” link that appears in the top red navigation to visit your Participation Center. While there:
    • Select the “Change Team Membership” link in the right navigation, which takes you to a page where you may search for a team.

  • Teams are a great way to meet other people with a passion for fighting cancer.
  • Team members can train together, even if you don’t ride the same route.
  • Teams can hold joint events to raise money and have fun together.
  • Teams can learn fundraising tips and strategies from each other.
  • Team members can support each other.
  • The Top 3 Fundraising Teams will be recognized at the Kickoff Celebration.

By registering, each team member agrees to raise their individual minimum commitment. However, team members can work together to raise their funds and have fun at the same time! Team members can help each other towards their individual goals by passing along fundraising ideas, participating in fundraising activities together, and reaching out to support and encourage each other in their efforts.

The Lobo Cancer Challenge website has great fundraising resources, including team fundraising ideas.

Top Fundraising Teams will be recognized at the Kickoff Celebration, and we’ll highlight the Top Fundraising Teams and the Team with the Most Members on our website.

All members of the team are eligible for individual fundraising incentives.

While many teams enjoy training together and riding or walking together on the day of the Lobo Cancer Challenge, this is not a requirement. Team members may actually choose different routes, or join the team as a virtual Challenger. Team members pull together in spirit!

Many teams choose to design custom jerseys or T-shirts or carry a banner as a fun way to show their unity.

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